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Initial approach and understanding
Internal assessment and interviews
Client interviews
Reference checks and market feedback
Closing the search
Post monitoring and feedback
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Friday, October 30, 2020
SNS Consulting Pvt Ltd Launched an executive search division called people logix which carries out both domestic and international searches with a primary focus on senior management.

We need: Research Associate
You will be required to actively work with the Director / Consultants providing adequate support on multiple searches with sythesized information and data with the help of state of the art technology and systems and external sources. You would be required to manage and update the firm's database and communicate with senior banking and financial service proessionals and demonstrate the ability to build and manage relationships with prospective candidates. You would be required to ensure that set up procedures in administration and MIS reporting are diligently followed as part of the entire search process i.e. documenting relationship details, assesing client needs, profiling candidates, assisting in the screening process, conducting reference reports etc. You would assist in business developement efforts and preparation of client presentation and industry reports. We are looking for someone with considerable initiative and strong relationship management ability. Click here

Initial approach and understanding:
We work with you to understand your requirements, define your objectives related to the specific nature of the position and the range of remuneration you intend to offer. This includes detailed meetings with senior management to provide an in-depth understanding of client’s needs. A well documented position description will ensure that both we and our client have a common understanding of the human resource requirements. This helps us in concluding the search in an efficient manner. We will initiate a target list of companies which will be discussed with the client.

Internal assessment and interviews:
The execution of the search, includes careful trawling of our database and relationship network, sharing information and mining other sources. After a careful screening and evaluation of available profiles, we arrange internal interviews for each candidate to help us in evaluating their work related skills, competency, behavioural aspects and leadership skills. Our methodology includes the completion of detailed evaluation checklists, and a documentation of overall assessments. We also ensure that each candidate meets a checklist “must have” criteria to ensure a cultural fit in an organization.

Client interviews:
We would identify 5 to 7 high quality profiles which are presented to our clients for further discussion. We provide a detailed assessment of each candidate to our clients to indicate his or her suitability to the proposed position.

Reference checks and market feedback:
PeopleLogix will undertake a detailed reference check on the finalized candidates and prepare a report together with market feedback, where available. Reference checks are performed on these candidates that are selected from a short-listed group.

Closing the search:
Once the client decides on the final candidate a firm offer is made. We provide assistance in the negotiation process. We remain in touch with selected candidates during the period between the job offer and acceptance dates. Once offers are accepted we provide assistance in completing the formalities of the candidate joining your organization.

Post monitoring and feedback:
We expect and encourage client feedback on the people we help place for the first 4 to 6 months after placement as this helps improve our service capabilities.

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