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Monday, January 25, 2021
SNS Consulting Pvt Ltd Launched an executive search division called people logix which carries out both domestic and international searches with a primary focus on senior management.

We need: Research Associate
You will be required to actively work with the Director / Consultants providing adequate support on multiple searches with sythesized information and data with the help of state of the art technology and systems and external sources. You would be required to manage and update the firm's database and communicate with senior banking and financial service proessionals and demonstrate the ability to build and manage relationships with prospective candidates. You would be required to ensure that set up procedures in administration and MIS reporting are diligently followed as part of the entire search process i.e. documenting relationship details, assesing client needs, profiling candidates, assisting in the screening process, conducting reference reports etc. You would assist in business developement efforts and preparation of client presentation and industry reports. We are looking for someone with considerable initiative and strong relationship management ability. Click here

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